Aplicação em ambientes educacionais


Education field applications –Computer room, Classroom, Administration.

IT problems and management issues in current environment

What problems occurred in IT environment in schools (from elementary to university?)

  • Clients work abnormally caused students operate in malfunction or malicious damage.
  • Installed programs or material be deleted or destroyed
  • Clients work abnormally caused by virus invasion
  • Take a lot of time for system updating or new application program installation no matter recovery card or system be implement
  • Not capable of implementing diversification teaching
  • Difficult to manage local HDD
  • Would like to apply DVI or Thin-client solution but performance and cost always be concerned
  • IT people is always shortage and may not have powerful knowledge( most IT people are on a part-time job (or position)in schools.

Most of computer room use recovery card (Hardware approach) or recovery program (software approach) as a management tool. However both of them cannot be total centralized. For Example, A server manages many computer rooms or integrates different OS +AP remotely well in the same time.

There a lot of diskless solution in the market too. But still have bottleneck of management of quantity of clients in the same time (client/server ration) and limitation of bandwidth of networking at all if clients would like to keep standalone PC (desktop) performance

Thin-client or virtual machine is very hot recently in university. However may not all universities in different territories are capable of offering the expense at all

For most of schools from elementary to university would NOT want to change current hardware equipment and network environment because of limit budget but would like to have management centralized, standard operation environment, regular updating and dispatching, keeping current standalone desktop performance and reducing handle cost (most schools may not have professional IT people and enough time to in charge of it)

No matter recovery card, software, diskless, thin-client or virtual machine may have some items or functions cannot be satisfied or offer able at all. Only Phantosys can meet all requirements for educational marketing, with client computing and centralized management structure. Therefore Phantosys solution has standalone PC performance even in 10/100 base-T network environment and excellent compatibilities but can be centralized management, updating or dispatching well. Any X86 machine can be fitted , Windows all series from Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8.1 to Windows 2000,2003,2008,2012 and all Linux versions are compatible which meet any teaching requirement.

Digitalization of teaching in any classroom environment

In IT higher developing countries, those ICT integrate computer/NB, Electronic White Board, Projector, cloud data storage, Electronic books etc. for different teaching purpose. Such scenario requests very high compatibility for fitting any applications. If recovery card or program be applied, it cannot put a lot of Electronic books for different curriculums to meet teachers need. If put Electronic books in cloud will make heavy loading of network even full Giga environment be applied. If read Electronic books via CD-ROM drive may take a lot of time and may not read it successfully every time once CD-ROM drive used for a long time. Neither recovery card/ program can support these applications nor thin-client, server based solution can finish the mission at all. Because all of them have to set environment mode at “every time recovery”(not allow teachers store Electronic books contents into C:/) to minimize image size. Otherwise its RAM and image will be exploded then make system very slow even crashed. Phantosys with local cache and full all local cache technology allow teachers save any contents at clients just like his own computer and will not affect clients performance or need to down load from private cloud data server. If the network environment in LAN under this scenario, recovery card or program solution, thin-client Server-based solution, virtual machine etc. cannot satisfy teachers and courses training need. Phantosys provide almost unlimited installation just like standalone station did. Once clients have any problem just make recovery remotely is OK.

Phantosys advantages for schools

Server’s OS, hardware and licenses cost and management issues

  • Any PC can be server, A virtual server can manage up to 1,140 clients(be approved)
  • A PC manage almost entire clients in elementary and junior high schools
  • Run XP, Win7,Win 8/8.1 as server OS is enough
  • Remote Server control
  • Web based administration console supported
  • Client-based but WAN structure
  • Low level technical need—who can mater Windows XP,Win7 ,Win 8/8.1 is enough
  • maintain a server is enough(Almost maintenance free of clients)
  • No need to add any H/W or S/W cost for clients or network or change clients habit
  • Server monitoring function—can inform customer, dist. automatically once server crashed

    Network issues

  • No need of full Giga port HUB and no need of CAT 6 cable to clients
  • VALN access capability
  • Inner/outer network and flow control capability
  • Run well in poor network environment or server level

    Unique and outstanding features

  • Multi images and group nodes capability
  • Multi-recovery points which can recover to any recovery point and anytime, almost unlimited recovery points
  • Unique tree structure and inheritance infrastructure technology
  • Multicast function for image or group node down load
  • Server or network offline using(server crashed or network broken, clients still work well)

    Excellent Compatibility and performance

  • Excellent compatibility for Windows all series and Linux
  • Support multi Windows and Linux OS simultaneously in one image
  • Support any application programs which compatible to Microsoft and Linux
  • Support any external devices which used on any client
  • Excellent compatibility and performance of OS and AP on any client —same as standalone PC has.
  • Curriculums scheduling weekly for different dept. or grades
  • Disk or diskless mode can be applied(auto switching)
  • Local C: protection
  • Every time recovery or manual recovery can be applied any time anywhere
  • Diskless, partial and Full local cache on HDD or offline modes option—operate any OS ,AP(graphic intensive, multimedia)smoothly in PC full power performance
  • Offline usage for 14 days—No matter server crashed or network broken, clients still function normally
  • LAN, Wi-Fi or WAN authentication—easily use in NB, Netbook mobile devices
  • File sharing capability(option)—teacher can collect data from students
  • no need setting every time recovery mode of clients site

SOE, central deployment and management via WAN or cloud

In the same time we provide WAN-base structure for whole university in different campus, whole schools in a county, state to become real centralized management of updating and dispatching and control OS+AP(licenses usage) to reduceTotal Operation Cost (TOC )or Total Cost of Service Availability(TCSA)

The virtual lab. And Experiment Environment Established

In most of educational environment, school cannot provide one set H/W (PC) and S/W(program) for each student learning and the time in schools is very limited—may be only 1 to 3 hours per curriculum in a week. However most students have their own PC/Notebook which are very powerful and with good performance. Why not let them use their own device and facility to do homework and make practice at home or dormitory at their convenience to let enlarge the effectiveness of learning and teaching? You may NOT have students install variable programs at theirs PC/NB because of license issue, installation skill etc. Only Phantosys can use their own PC/NB local resources (CPU/RAM/HDD) to create virtual environment for such application.

Step 1 Just setup a “Virtual Experiment Website Platform”—PhantosysPHP_web for example. School can allocate students login ID and PW then down load Virtual Machine module( local boot manager prepared, Phantosys server IP be fill it out etc.) from “virtual experiment website platform” – form example” classdemo ” here to local D:/ or E:/(non system partition) or USB drive of students PC/NB at home or dormitory

Step 2. Install latest virtual machine program

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