Câmeras IP Afidus com funções analíticas

Afidus Intelligent IP Cam (IVA)

Face detection:

Afidus Face Detection

Afidus Face Detection

It’s to determine the locations and sizes of human faces in images. It detects facial features and ignores anything else, such as buildings, trees and bodies. Face detection is used in biometrics base security system, It is also used in video surveillance database management. Afidus IVA combines “face detection” with “Event actions”: Face detection can be source to trigger event video sending, audio alert, and push notify to smart phone.




A virtual wire is attached in a specific location digital image for detecting or reacting to physical movement. Normally tripwires are frequently designed for boundary control, whereby to cross the wire will trigger Afidus IP cam to take event actions ( action types can be defined by user). Tripwire is an important IVA function applied for railway track monitoring, transportation stationary monitoring, and parking lot counting (management) system.

Camera Tampering:

Camera Tampering monitors camera video and automatically detects camera failure or sabotage. Upon t detects any attempts to tamper with the camera – blocking the field of view, lose lens focus, or video loss. Camera sabotage/tampering interferes with monitoring by security personnel and automated video analytics products and prevents video archival for forensic purposes. Camera Tampering is a necessary feature and inside Afidus IP cameras.

Flexible areas of interest

AOI (Area of Interest):

Built-in cutting edge, state-of-the-art SOC processing, AFIDUS develops User-define flexible AOIs for advanced, professional line cameras. In AOI area, the image quality will be higher than outside AOI read. See what you want to see.

ROI (Area of Interest):

All Megapixel Cameras from AFIDUS equipped with an intelligent bandwidth saver– ROI. With ROI, only selected specific area/region in camera display will be transmitted to live view or recorded into video clips. The maximum clarity of the specific area can be preserved to meet various demands in surveillance scenarios.