Segurança em clientes móveis e em BYOD


Mobile Devices Security Management

Solution brief

At present most executives or sales/marketing staffs are daily using a portable office, most of these notebook computer run
Windows Operating system and MAC operating system. However, with the IT technology development, scattered notebook management is headache problems. Executive corporate desktop environment and individual personalized desktop environment mixed with then often use it outside. Their safety issue is not capable of controlling effectively. How to establish a secure environment, ensuring data security of Notebook applications have become IT management top priority because those executives are high-level employees and have tons of top security data be handled.

Design Concept:

Based on the above requirements, we recommend the organization implement Phantosys Systems, executives or sales/marketing staff’s notebook into the cluster management platform. Through the Phantosys centralized deployment, security policy definition, users ‘ enterprise desktop environment and personal personalized desktop environments separated completely then ensure the security of corporate information. Simultaneously also meet user’s individual need and be in accordance with the existing user experience.

We will create different management models for running Windows operating system and MAC Operating system on notebook etc.

Running Windows Operation System on mobile devices

For internal running windows Operating system on movable

devices, we will separate the user’s hard drive into two portions. Part to be installed retaining the user’s own personalized desktop environments and part to be deployed the unified corporates desk environment which assigned by Phantosys. In the condition may keep user personal demand and habit but secure enterprises data security (will not leak from mobile devices) completely.


User select different environment node for booting. When the user selects a personalized desktop environment,

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