Centralized Management System (CMS) for E-Detective systems


1.0 Introduction to Central Management System

Central Management System (CMS) is high performance Linux based network appliance that extends the reach of Front End systems: E-Detective Systems (ED) and Data Retention and Management Systems (DRMS) across your huge enterprise or even ISP scale networks, providing real-time centralized reporting, searching and querying as well as alert and notification functions. CMS aggregates and manage cluster of distributed ED and DRMS systems (which can be in the same location or in multiple locations) in real-time, facilitate single and hierarchical global view across your network.

CMS is specially designed to aggregate data hierarchically from multiple or distributed Front End systems: E-Detective
and DRMS systems for ultimate scalability and deployment flexibility across various organization-specific or ISP scale network topologies and infrastructures. The CMS design also allows hierarchical analysis or investigation operation and visibility which includes querying, searching, alerting, notifying and reporting extend to multiple ED and DRMS systems. This provides a single point of access to multiple ED and DRMS systems across large networks.


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